About Us


The Board was established in November 2014 under the Geologists Act 2008, Act 689 Laws of Malaysia. The Board’s mandate is for the registration of geologists, the regulations of geological practice and for related matters.

It was until late 2015, after the regulations cited as Geologists (Registration of Geologists) Regulations 2015 was approved and in force, the Board began its due process of registration. As it is at its infancy stage, the registration process was rather slow because of problems and challenges encountered that affect the administrative process.

Applications for various categories of geologists’ registrations reached just above 2000 applications. However, at end of May 2016, the number of applicants registered was 625 and the number keeps growing. Hopefully, all geologists are aware of the requirements as they are duty bound to register with the Board of Geologists.


The Board is established under Section 3 of Geologists act 2008, Act 689 Laws of Malaysia. It is a body corporate and shall have perpetual succession. It consists of fourteen (14) members who shall be Malaysian citizens and shall be appointed by the Minister. The Board is headed by a Chairman, and other members include five (5) from public services, five (5) from private practice, two (2) persons who, in the opinion of the Minister can contribute to the development of the profession, and one (1) representative from Institute of Geology Malaysia (IGM). The Board appoints a Registrar of Geologists, in adherence to Section 29 of Geologists Act 2008. The Registrar duty is to ensure that a register is kept of every person who is suitably qualified to be registered as a geologist. This involves recording all entries of registration, suspension, revocation, removal and reinstatement in the Register. The Registrar shall be under the general control and direction of the Board, is charged with the duty of running the secretariat.


The Board appoints Committees in accordance to Section 14 of the Geologist Act 2008. Currently the Board has three (3) Committees namely:

  1. Corporate Services and Finance (JHKK)
  2. Legal, Ethics and Discipline (JPED)
  3. Development and Professional Program (JPPP)

An elected Board Member respectively chairs each Committee and the Board may appoint any person to be a member of any committee established.

Corporate Services and Finance Committee (JHKK)

This Committee overseas the expenditure of the Board, advices to improve the financial base of the Board, to determine the scale of fees on geological fees rendered, advise strategic directions of the Board and deals with all matters of staff welfares. The Committee also ensures that the Board deliveries are in accordance with the policies provided by the Act and perform as interface of the Board and the parent Ministry.

Legal, Ethics and Discipline Committee (JPED)

The Committee deals with all legal matters to determine and regulate the professional conduct and ethics of the geological profession. They investigate and recommend actions to be taken by the Board on matters pertaining to disputes or ethics and disciplinary matters. It advices the Board to consider and recommend reforms to the law relating to geological surveying, and reviewing on Acts and Regulations.

Professional and Development Program Committee (JPPP)

The Committee is established in order to execute the scheme and curriculum for examination for admission to the geological profession. To undertake continuous professional development programmes for geologists and practitioners to further enhance their knowledge in the latest developments relating to the geological profession. To establish linkages with institutions such as universities, colleges, organisations and agencies with the Board for training courses and benefits of the profession.